July. A very good month of the year!

The weather seems a little more summer-like this week, but for last week’s deliveries, we were wearing fleece!

Fall crops are all planted and hoping for rain.  I think all of the farm is hoping for rain.  We have been irrigating daily, but there is nothing like a nice steady rain.  The forecast looks like there may be some potential for that in the next few days.

IMG_0911 (800x600)

Pea picking

Matt and company have been keeping up with the weeding thanks to some hard-working worker shares.  it is such a pleasure to work with such good people!

We have begun the restoration/addition to our 100 yr old + barn during the past weeks.  The barn has been in need of repair, so while we are doing that, we will also be adding on a vegetable washing and packing area.

IMG_0874 (800x600)

Missing a milk house

The first to go was the old milk house that had been home to our smaller first flock of 9-12 chickens for the past 20 years or so.  The milkhouse still had remnants of the water trough that was used to cool the milk in milk cans.  The 2 ft thick walls were pretty much taken down single-handedly by our friend Dan, who has clearly had experience in demolition.  On that day it was 97 degrees and  humid!

Now, parts of the thick barn walls are gone too.    I’ve been imagining what it was like for the people that were picking the rocks, making mortar, squaring the walls, hewing timbers and raising the barn over a century ago.  Those must have been the “good old days”.

Next, we’ll be putting in water lines and pouring footings.  I hope that we can re-use the same rocks for the new walls.

The following pictures are of the garden over the last few weeks.  It changes daily, but each day is another pretty one.


IMG_0898 (800x600)


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