Oh, Potato!

What an amazing plant!  To put a little piece of potato into the ground, wait a few months and pull out multitudes of tender treasures is a wonder to me. 

We have planted 8 different varieties of certified organic seed potatoes this year:  Dark Red Norland, Pontiac, French Fingerlings, Yukon Gold, Carola, Kennebec, Adirondack Red and Adirondack Blue.  They are having a fantastic year, thanks to the irrigation that Mike installed on each row.  Mike and Hassan have kept them weeded and hilled all season.  No easy task, considering they were planted in what was a hayfield last year!  Mike set off on watering and bug-picking missions every day.  All of the efforts have paid off.  It has been one of the most beautiful fields of any crop I’ve seen.

We are 2 weeks into our potato harvest, and expect to be digging a few rows every week through fall. The earliest harvested are the outstanding Dark Red Norlands.  With tender red skins and creamy middles these are a delight to eat and cook with.  IMG_0959

We’ve been harvesting the potatoes with our “new” antique potato digger, and it has been working out great!  All that we have to do is pick them up off of the ground, bring them in and wash them! 

After the Norlands are harvested, we will be harvesting the Yucon Gold, Carola and the Fingerling potatoes.  We do offer discounts to anyone that would like to come and help with the harvest.  The video shows our “new” machine doing all of the really hard work.


Give us a call if you’d like to order any potatoes, or if you would like to come when Mike is harvesting.  920-699-3658.


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