Still January, I suppose

At least the days keep getting longer!  It’s hard to convince myself that it is still January when we are filling seed trays, ordering more seeds and talking about vegetables with everyone that calls.  I guess I’m not the only one with spring fever!  I will gladly take this illusion of impending spring. 

We are looking forward to attending several upcoming workshops and conferences that we have scheduled.  It’s always nice for an opportunity to visit with and meet some of the other CSA farmers and organic growers before we all get very busy.  It is also exciting to see that MSCSAC has endorsed 12 new CSA farms this year (including us)!  That means that more and more people are learning about the importance of having a healthy food source and a relationship with the farmers who grow their food.

We are still considering changing our delivery days to Tuesday this year so that some of our members can spend more time enjoying the local Lake Mill’s Farmer’s market on Wednesday.  We’d like your comments on this; if you have a preference of delivery days, please let us know.  (Tuesday or Wednesday) We are also hoping to add another delivery site in Watertown but at this time we do not have one.

Thanks everyone for all or your comments so far for the 2010 season!  Continue letting us know what your ideas are!


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