A Break From The Rain

Running out to gather the afternoon eggs between showers, I found that the chickens didn’t seem to think the weather was quite as bad as I did.  They  were enjoying a nice, wet march through the tall grass.   At least the big girls were.  The baby chicks were all staying pretty close to their heat lamps and out of the wind.  They did get to enjoy at least 1 1/2 day of nice weather outside.  Mothers Day was beautiful and the kids got to see the grass and the sky for the first time!  

We have 51 baby chicks right now, thanks for at least half of them to Mrs. Flood’s kindergarten class in Watertown!  Mrs. Flood picked up 24 eggs to incubate in the classroom and 23 of them hatched!  Almost all of the eggs were laid by the chicks that her kindergarteners hatched last year!  We also have some new “Delaware” chicks that we hope will be our future laying hens.  We have them all together in an outdoor brooder (that is bundled up pretty tight right now).   Sunday, they got to come out and play and meet Leo, our dog, who will keep an eye on them as long as they are here.   

Leo being closely inspected by the chicks


Be sure to call us if you need any eggs right now!  Our chickens refuse to wait until the egg shares begin in a few weeks to start laying their eggs;  we have lots of fantastic, nutritious pastured eggs available NOW! 

Matt in the shed

Matt took advantage of the rainy day to do some work on the packing shed.  Matt and Mike have been working on it several nights a week, after Mike gets home from work.  It’s coming along, but there’s only a few weeks to go untill it will be needed for packing veggies!   We have torn out the old floor/ceiling and installed new floor joists and are preparing an area to in stall a nice walk-in cooler.  We still need to get the electricity and plumbing installed before we can use it.  We are grateful to the workers that have volunteered to come out early and help with the planting and to the people who have stopped by to help with the barn project!


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