A Good Day on the Farm

Ahh.  The boxes have been filled, the shares have been delivered and the mystery of the extra box has been solved. We have done the chores and eaten dinner, now I am determined to update the blog.  So I sit with my cup of tea, ready to close my eyes and drift, but I think that I can hold out a bit.

Monday’s and Tuesday’s are the days that we start preparing  for our deliveries.  They are the days when the majority of our workers are here, helping with the harvests.  We feel very fortunate to have such gret people helping us out!  Here are a few pictures of the workers of the farm, getting the shares ready.   This photo is of Patty, Megan and Sarah picking peas just before a big storm came through.  They stuck it out though, picking through the storm.

Emily washing the beets

Lynn making beet bunches

And now…I am nodding.  (That didn’t take long..)  Back tomorrow but off to bed to wait for the next round of storms.


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