Rain, rain, go away.

I am surprised how quickly we forgot after the experience of the ‘o8 floods, that we need to leave an exit through the rows in the lower garden!  Well there is one now. I can’t say I am surprised, we did remember after the first big storm but until now the ground was taking in the moisture.   We tried several different techniques for planting here.  Using plastic is one, but as for keeping our topsoil on our farm, I say that at least the weed roots help hold the soil down.  We had 3″ of rain last night in a very short time.  After Matt and Mike dug out this rushing river in the morning, everything drained pretty well, but it still hurts to see that brown water washing out of the garden.  We work so hard to build good nutritious soil for our plants.

I can’t help thinking about the larger scale; conventional farming and all of the rain they’ve been having on the plains.  so much topsoil into the muddy Mississippi, never to be seen again.


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