Positive i.d.

Yes, that’s him.  That’s the guy that attacked me at the Farmers Market last night and he wasn’t alone.

Wow.  Mosquitos are often a topic of conversation in the summer but something seems different this year.  They seem to be just about the only topic of conversation.  Between vendors and patrons, mothers and children, there were looks of frustration and irritation and sometimes panic.  I heard the names of every brand of repellant imaginable tonight and none were reviewed as providing much relief.  There was the son of another vendor cruising the market with a spray bottle full of Listerine, offering to spray anyone who wanted to try it and believe me, many did.  There were 3-4 brands of repellant on the picnic table behind me and people everywhere pulling out their own bottles that no-one seems to travel without these days.   So what is going on here?  It seems like I have been reporting “the worst year for mosquitoes yet” for each of the last few years.  But this is the worst by far.  And there is no negotiating with them whatsoever. After the market closed a group of us moved into a local business to cool our welts and the conversation eventually returned to various strategy reports for attempting to work in our gardens with these tiny monsters and to the possibility that this is what we can continue to expect for the future as the earth warms and the weather patterns change.  I sure hope not!


2 thoughts on “Positive i.d.

    1. highmeadowfarmcsa Post author

      It had varying results. Some say it helped. For others it seemed nothing helped. If anything, the flailing arms only seemed to excite them. I was surprised that I seemed to be the least favored as a meal. I can only attest it to a steady diet of cucumbers and zucchini, although that is clearly not a deterrent to the home swarm!


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