Same Frosty Morning

I was drawn to our compost pile by the rising steam that looked like a camp fire.  Internal temp 140 degrees-yes!  The pile was hot to touch.  I surprise myself by my composting enthusiasm these days.  Checking the temp twice daily and fighting the urge to add more and turn.  Our last pile of finished compost was completed over the summer months with not that much monitoring, but I am serious now.   It’s my new cooking passion.  I began loading it up 9 days ago and it has reduced by about 1/5 in size now.

Ahh, steaming compost


2 thoughts on “Same Frosty Morning

  1. Megan

    you go, compost girl!

    i can relate to this obsession, though i’ve never been a turner, and envy your ambition there. never had one nearly that hot- pretty cool that you took its temperature!

    my latest compost passion is burying our meat/bone/cooked food compost underground and also composting all of our cat waste/biodegradable litter in the woods (also buried well underground, far from any food/water source). i was transformed by john jeavons’ compost workshop at the renewable energy fair a few years ago, where he inspired both of those ideas.

    one cooperative I lived at had the most gorgeous oak composting toilets, with no smell whatsoever, just fresh sawdust scent. some girls like diamonds, but that’s my next dream.

    1. highmeadowfarmcsa Post author

      Me too! Oak you say? Nice!

      Yes, still obsessed with the compost, I am beyond thrilled that it maintained 140 degrees until Saturday morning when it dropped to 120. The outdoor temp was 18 f, but I think the pile needs adding and turnnig. I wasn’t able to check it today, but I have decided that I will wait to re-heat as I will be out of town for a few days and worry about it getting too hot. It nearly did last week untill I watered it down. Once a huge pile it has reduced to less than half the size. Remember all those tomato vines?


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