Just Plain Frozen

If you’ve ever seen frozen lettuce, like when you find that your refrigerator drawer is set too cold, you’ll have an idea of what I found under the row cover in the hoop house today when I went out to harvest.  With temps in the teens, I waited until about 9:30 for the sun to warm the hoop house a bit, but it was a frosty morning that never melted the ice off of the plastic.  When I entered, the temperature inside had risen to 33 degrees, but the inside row covers had a layer of ice on them too.  When I pulled them back, everything (except the Tatsoi that appears impervious) was wilted down, leaves frozen and looked terrible even the kale!  I walked out wondering if I needed to call everyone that was expecting produce today with the bad news.  The sun wasn’t out for very long, but when I went back in the hoop house, things were looking up!  And by 11:30 am, I had my knife and my crates.  With a storm and clouds moving in, the temps started dropping below freezing in early afternoon, so I cut and tucked everything back in. 

Harvest of Dec. 3.

This miracle of plant resilience is something that I will be pondering this winter.  Remarkably, I harvested 11 pounds of mixed lettuce, 10 pounds of gorgeous radishes,  6 pounds of chinese cabbage, 6 bunches of Red Russian kale, and a few bunches of beautiful Tatsoi for today’s delivery.  (I may have over-planted the tatsoi.  It is not anywhere on the most popular list!)

It is amazing that 2 hours before this picture, these beautiful radish leaves were flat to the ground!


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