What Lies Beneath the Snow?

There is a hoop-house and a turkey tractor under that snow!

I know that there are delicious greens under that snow, just waiting for a few sunny, warm days!  In a few weeks, we will harvest what is ready and begin re-planting for our spring greens.

Another sign of spring is Matt’s return to Wisconsin after a few relaxing months in Central America.  Well-rested, he handled the 2 day layover in Dallas remarkably well as he waited to find the first southern Wisconsin airport that would re-open after the big blizzard of 2011.  Now he seems ready to start planting some seeds!

We are excited about the veggies that we are planning on for 2011.  We are looking forward to some of our old favorites and some mouth-watering new varieties.  As we look out the window at all the deep snow, our eyes always seem to turn towards the fields as we daydream about feeding the soil that will grow healthy and nutritious vegetables for out next season.  I know that those days will be here before we know it and there is plenty to do before the snow melts!

The membership is growing this year, and we look forward to meeting all of our new farm friends!  There is still room in the CSA for more members and we have added another share size for members who enjoy canning or have large families.  Although we are adding a few additional shares this year, we expect to fill up again fairly early in the season.

We still have some nice organically grown potatoes for sale, and we almost always have eggs available for sale before the CSA season starts.  Feel free to call if you need eggs or potatoes or if you have questions about the CSA:  920-699-3658.


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