Oh So Blue

We’ve got the blues at the farm!  (Adirondack Blue potatoes, that is. )

With planting season just around the corner, we are offering our Adirondack Blue potatoes on sale while supplies last.  These spuds have stored perfectly all winter and they seem as delicious and fresh as when they came out of the ground.  Rumor has it that the Blues are higher in antioxidants than other potatoes, too!

These potatoes are on sale for $1.00 per lb until March 17.

They are delicious sliced or cubed and sautéed , baked, in salads and casseroles or any other way you would eat potatoes.  (Although due to their color, they don’t make the prettiest soup or mashed potatoes.

We also have some delicious Dark Red Norland, Kennebec’s, Red Pontiac’s and French Fingerling potatoes as well as the Adirondack Reds!


2 thoughts on “Oh So Blue

  1. Jayme

    Those are so neat looking! I am sure my kids would get a kick out of them! How can I get some?


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