A Taste of Spring

Can you see the hint of green in the fields?  Wow did I ever get spoiled with the nice weather last week.  The chickens were joyfully searching out the greenest plants that they could find! Then came the rain, and now the cold.  The grass doesn’t taste as good when it’s frozen, I guess.  It’s back to the bolted tatsoi and turnip tops from the hoop house for the chickens, and back to the sunny window for the onions plants.  

It was pretty cold in the hoop house this morning (as in frozen), I had pulled off all of the covers last week.  Most of the plants from fall are coming back, but they are bolting and have been going to feed the girls.  I did manage to find a few tasty treats tonight.  I am starting to think of a nice warm sorrel and kale soup with these tender greens.

Lets see how it turns out, but how can you go wrong with such flavorful greens.  As I am writing this, my hands smell like fresh cilantro. A perfect topping for soup!

Redbor Kale, French Sorrel and cilantro


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