Turning cover crops into vegetable crops, one row at  a time.

Yes, it did feel like spring – on the day that I last posted and then again today.  I’m hoping that this cold, wet weather is just working its way back to the North Pole and that the seeds that have been hiding below the soil will finally feel safe to pop their heads out!  The peas are the first of the brave ones.  We were happy to see them poking through the soil today.  It has been tough trying to find days that allow us to work in the fields without causing harm to the soil.  The cold wet soil is not yet ready to be worked up and rushing it just makes problems for the rest of the season.   We have been managing, little by little to get things in the ground.  I think that the beets are next in line to emerge, then the lettuce, spinach and carrots.  Matt has been working on selecting what he hopes to be the perfect cilantro plant and saving seed for a few years.  That project is already in process in garden #2, with his prized seeds near ready to emerge into a pasture of cilantro. (Maybe it just looks that way to me.)

One thing that I can appreciate about the cool weather is that the spring flowers last a little longer. This magnolia was a-buzz with pollinating insects today.  The fragrance just fills the yard.  

Magnolia stellata; ‘Royal Star’ magnolia


One thought on “Brrrr…again

  1. Megan

    Whoa- your trees are gorgeous! Nice pictures.

    That little hill gives you a nice head start on the flowering, it seems. I haven’t seen any magnolia blooms like that anywhere else yet – a few in Madison by the lake, but yours take the cake!


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