A Bee-autiful Morning!

Sunday morning was the prettiest morning of the year so far, and a perfect day for our bees to arrive!

A boxful of bees and some “wanna-bees” outside of it

Our neighbor, Dennis, is a long-time bee keeper and was en-thusiastic when we told him that we were interested in setting up some hives.  With the weather being cool, the bee’s arrival was delayed  until spring flora was imminent.  Right now, the bees are in their hives with a good supply of sugar-water to hold them until the flowers start blooming abundantly, which looks like it will be tomorrow as I look at the crab apples!

Brand new frames!

We spent a few hours in the early morning putting together new frames for the hives, then we walked off to the field to find the perfect spot for the bees and watch Dennis work his magic with them.  It was very exciting watching him dump the first box of bees into the hive.  They swarmed around him and soon found their way down to be near the queen.  When he filled the second box, several of the bees from the first box moved in as well, so we added another box to accommodate them.   After the lid was on and the entrance temporarily plugged, we left the bees to themselves.  Soon they will have flowers a-plenty when the cherries and plums start blooming and all

Stretching the knees during onion planting

of the other delicious flowers of spring, and of course, the flowers of our veggies that will hopefully be pollinated by our new…hmm… family members?

Things are greening up!

Dennis filling the hives


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