Oh the changing seasons-and all in one week!

Matt and Zach, weeding in the sweltering heat

After we had the tender sweet potatoes and fennel planted came the frost.  We were waiting for the cold to pass to plant the rest of the tender plants like tomatoes, peppers and eggplants.  We covered the sweet potatoes and fenel and all was well.  But then came the heat.  And more heat and more…

A few of our workers started last week.  A true test of perseverance!!!  It was not a very good temperature for getting out in the garden for the first time!  It hasn’t been an easy time for the newly planted veggies either.  Not only cold then heat, then super heat but unrelenting wind!  Now this sudden cool spell and rain is a relief to the plants, but we will see how well they handle the drastic changes in weather.

We will be starting our deliveries on Tuesday, June 14.  If you are a member and have not received any emails from us yet, please contact us via email (or phone) so that we can make sure you get the information.

Our general membership is near full, although we could still use a few more workers on Monday and Tuesday mornings.  If you are available, dependable, in good physical condition and willing to commit to 4 hrs of work per week (same time each week), give us a call.


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