Is it Summer Now?

I write this in my wool socks and snuggly sweater.  It is 2 days since summer has begun and we had our coats on all day.  I suppose I shouldn’t complain, the greens that didn’t bolt with the 100 degree heat a few weeks ago are rewarding us well, and we did need the rain.  Two counties to the east they have been deluged with rain totals like 2″ in 1 hour while we were dry.  It did rain all day today.  Hooray.  And no hail, no tornadic winds, and so far, no mosquitos.  To our west the Dakotas are drenched.  Is this coming our way? I haven’t had time to watch the weather, but I was in town today and I did purchase my first weather radio.  I am actually pretty impressed.  It seems heavy-duty and substantial and like it should be able to do something other that play the weather alerts.  It even has a belt clip.  Woo-hoo!   I wonder if it would have told me that our hoop house would blow down a few weeks ago.  Fortunately we have not had frost since then, but I am not ruling out that possibility.  Our topless tunnel now offers outdoor living to some rambunctious parthenocarpic cucumber vines and some nice basil plants that were planted way too close to their vines.  Tomorrow I will need to do something about that as I check the vines for baby cukes.  Hopefully I can leave the snowsuit in the house!

A drizzly view of some of the gardens and the chicken tractors.


3 thoughts on “Is it Summer Now?

  1. highmeadowfarmcsa Post author

    I’m glad you are enjoying the veggies!

    Parthenocarpic cucumbers will produce fruit in a hoop house with out pollination.

    The belt clip seems excessive. But if ever there were extremely exciting warnings or alerts- -you just never know!

  2. Megan

    The veggies have been so fabulous! Thank you!

    Parthenocarpic? Maybe that’ll be my favorite new word once I learn what it means.

    I can’t picture you walking around with a weather radio hanging off your belt. Is this a midlife crisis thing? 😀


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