Nothing Says “Autumn” Like a Pumpkin!

Fall ahead, Summer behind.


I really enjoy days like these, at least until the sun falls off the horizon at about 6:00.  I miss the long days!  I have decided, though that a pumpkin’s purpose is to put smiles on our faces.  They even feel happy when you hold them!

We have has a nice week of pumpkin picking for our members. They have fun picking pumpkins and we have less pumpkins to load and deliver.  Among our many members to visit was Farley, a Helping Hands Monkey-in-training that came with his family to pick out his pumpkin.  He also was surprised to see that one of his favorite snacks, carrots, comes from the ground and his new favorite finger-food, Brussels Sprouts grow on the same farm!  it was a bit windy and cold when Farley visited, but I am told that his happy noises meant that he was thrilled with fresh veggies.

Farley's first pumpkin


"It's good, Mom!"


Num, num, num.




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