The Seasonal Wind-down

One more week of deliveries left for our regular 2011 CSA season.  We have a few weeks of winter storage and extended season shares to  harvest in November and then it’s planning time.  I am already looking forward to next year!

The last week is always a sad one for us, when we say goodbye to our great worker members who have dedicated time each week during the season to help us keep the farm running smoothly.  After 20 weeks of dedicated work, all of these workers have earned the title of “farmers” .  They have worked hard through many conditions, heat and humidity in particular!  We have looked forward to seeing their smiling faces every week!

One of our Monday bright-spots: Beth, with a basket full of jalapenos.

Zach and thousands of confused and homeless tomatoes.

(Speaking of heat;  Zach, really…all those hot peppers you ate in the field without blinking an hurt, right?)

Last Sunday we had what is not quite our last farm event; a very spontaneous and short noticed campfire and tin-foil dinner party.  It started when we thought that everyone should enjoy a nice view of fall from the hill on the farm.  I hope you all got to walk the whole farm!

The dinners were scrumptious!  Thanks to all who helped with the chopping.  There are lots of pictures on our Facebook page, but here are a few.

The next event will be a hoop-house raising, when we hopefully erect our large new hoop-house that we will use for growing cool-weather crops and for getting an early start on some others.  We are looking for handy volunteers in early November!  Let us know if you want to join the fun!  We will feed you and possibly even entertain you!


2 thoughts on “The Seasonal Wind-down

  1. Megan

    Congrats! You all worked so hard and fed us very well. And I learned that I like raw rutabagas this year – at least the ones from HMF. It was so sweet! (major revelation in my world)

    I’ve heard you mention your FB page a few times, and I’ve never been able to find one that’s active. When I search, I get 2 results for HMF, and both say “no information available”. Can you put the link on your website and/or on this blog sidebar? Or you can just send me a friend request the next time you get really bored? (ha!)
    Maybe in February when the seed catalogs start making your eyes blurry?


    1. highmeadowfarmcsa Post author

      Yay! You know that I love converts! I love rutabaga. It has a nostalgic comfort to it.
      Ah, Facebook not easy to find!? I am working on getting the link on the sidebar. It appears that it will take more time to figure out than I have been able to commit just yet. Meanwhile check today’s post and I will just insert the link. I will also let the Facebook experts know of the difficulty. I am told that as a business, we can’t request friends, we can only earn them.

      Thanks for the comments!


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