Hoop House Excitement!

Our Hoop house arrived at 10:00 this morning. I am glad Mike was there with a plan for unloading it. One of the pallets weighed 2,400 lbs and the other 1,200 lbs, more than my little Kubota is accustomed to lifting! Tugging it off of the truck and onto our wagon was no easy feat, but it is done! Some parts are safely put under cover and some are laying out, waiting for assembly TOMORROW! Tomorrow is Tuesday, the first day of November and we will be installing the ground posts that will anchor it to the earth and keep it from blowing away in strong wind storms…so they say anyways. Saturday, we are hoping to get the bulk of the house constructed. Helpers will be made as welcome and well fed as possible!

Well, it looks easy enough

we may need to make some minor adjustments in the hole alignment in the morning


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