Taking shape now

Slow but sure, the hoop house is going up!  Matt and Mike worked on it on Sunday, after the ground dried up a bit.  After the hoops are up, there is wiggle wire to install, base boards and mid-boards plus the ends need to be built.  AND THEN…a double layer of 100′ long plastic needs to be pulled over the top and secured!  We are fighting against the impending winter, day-length and  Mike’s long days at the office.  Will we have a roof this winter?



and three and repeat…(several times)

We have one more vegetable pick-up for Storage and Extended Season shares on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 22 & 23.  There are still lots of great veggies to eat out there in the fields that don’t seem intimidated by the cold at all!  At some point though, they are destined to succumb to the power of Old Man Winter (?)  (Hmm, who sounds tougher; Old Man Winter, or Mother Nature?)

Tonight, we had a delicious stir-fry that was put together pretty quickly with onions, leeks, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, Daikon, green peppers, chili’s and carrots from the farm.  (I did add fresh ginger.)  I think that it is time again for me to sing a love song about leeks!  There is really nothing that compares to the mellow sweetness that they add to a meal.  The new winter leeks that we are harvesting now are every bit as sweet as the summer leeks.  Well maybe almost as sweet, but still…really great!  Add a super sweet carrot, fresh cauliflower and Daikon- mmm, mmm, mmm.

Now about Daikon!   I brought in a long radish (about 14″ long) and sliced it for the stir-fry, then Mike and I started snacking on the radishes and we both agreed that their storage space is well-deserved and that they will be a welcome treat over the winter.  Milder than a regular, small radish, easier to clean, larger, tender slices; what’s not to love?

(By the way, if you are feeling winter radish deprived, give us a call.  We have plenty for everyone!)


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