Quack, Quack…

Quack rhizomes

I’m not sure why I decided to plant chives in a patch of quack grass 2 years ago.  I should know better than to think that I could win that battle.  I can speculate on the thought process; 1.) They arrived as a gift unannounced, 2) they are perennial and needed to be planted where they would be undisturbed for years, 3.) that particular spot looked really good at the time and was near the horseradish, another perennial, 4.) I would be sure to keep them weeded…

These are thoughts that I had as I weeded the chives today.  I surely must have weeded them last year, but the quack roots were pretty large and determined!  But there is something about burying my arms up to my elbows in cool, worm-rich soil and searching for underground networks of quack rhizomes in March, that helps me to forgive them today.   Digging the fork deep into the soil and lifting the roots, shaking out the dirt and spreading nice soil around the plants, I am promising myself that I will be sure to keep them weeded this year.

Tomorrow, maybe I’ll be sore from the first day of garden work.  I will surely have a visible farmer-tan-line. I found 2 ticks on our dog, Leo and we had mosquitoes flying around our heads tonight. Now I’m not sure what to make of this weather… I don’t think our seedlings do, either.

Baby Brassicas, hoping for cooler weather

Baby onions


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