Speaking of the Weather…

Has anyone mentioned how unusual this warm weather is for mid-March?  Yes, I’m kidding, there is no avoiding the topic, but it is very strange.

I want to be thrilled about the warm days, the green grass, the flowers, but I haven’t even raked the flower gardens yet, and my snowshoes are still pouting by the back door!  I am concerned about the early progression of the season; if we would get a hard freeze, there will be serious damage to flowers and fruits and important food sources for wildlife (and people). but what can we do?  The bluebirds have returned, and I expect the barn swallows and the Orioles will be back any day now.  Friday as I walked down to the barn I started hearing a loud buzz and thought that someone had left a power tool plugged in but it turned out to be our honeybees covering the flowering red maple (acer rubrum). (It has been a good year for bees.)

Busy bee in the maple tree

I’ve been finding ticks on the dog, too, and I have been swatting at mosquitoes at night.  (A good year for those insects, too.)

I was thrilled about the weather this weekend, though, when we were able to finish our hoop house project with the help of some fantastic friends and workers that volunteered to help!  The warm sun made it so pleasant to be out working and the light breeze…well…lets say light breezes and 100′ long sheets of plastic don’t always cooperate with each other but we managed.  We had a great crew on Saturday to install the plastic on the end walls and the roll-up sides, but it just got too windy to do the top.

Sunday morning, we assembled a crew at 7:00 am, the winds were calm and we had the plastic over the top and anchored by 9:00!    Pretty exciting indeed!


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