Transition Time; Winter Shares Available Now!

It looks like the last time I wrote on this blog was when we were transitioning into summer; just before the drought started and the bugs hatched and the relentless heat arrived.  Now that our summer season is ending, I expect I will be blogging more.  With a break in newsletter writing to keep in touch with, I’m sure I’ll need to fill that void somehow!

“Sugar” pie pumpkins; don’t they look like they are coated in sugar?

We have only one more delivery left before the next season begins and I’m missing everyone already!  It was a tough season to grow in, that’s for certain.  By the time a little rain finally came, my anxiety level was growing!  I was worried about our well, our burning plants, the 50 fruit trees that we just planted in the orchard (not in easy reach of water, either) and what seemed to be a well laid strategic plan laid out by every plant-attacking insect that I knew of and some new ones, too! It almost seemed like they were all working together on this one!

Now at a time when I might normally look forward to reading a book or taking a trip, I am looking forward the most to growing greens and harvesting storage vegetables for those members, friends, veggie lovers and local foodies that are such an important part of our farm!

We have a large, new high tunnel that we constructed early last spring with the help of our good friends and members and it has been incredibly productive and fulfilling for the last season.  Even through that horrible heat, the produce thrived, possibly even better than the plants that were out in the direct sun day after day.  I think the poly cover actually protected them from the harmful rays and I must say, working in the shade of towering tomato plants was a great place to be!

At this time, half of our hoop house is planted for winter shares.  With a timely freezing temperature of 22 last night, our remaining tomato plants in the hoop house had the hard freeze that marked the end of their productive season.  Tomorrow we will remove the remaining tomato plants, peppers and buck-wild tomatillos from the other half and plant our happily waiting seedlings for winter deliveries.

We’re looking forward to a season of diverse, fresh, home-grown produce.  In addition to fresh organic produce, we will also be sending out storage crops, canned summer produce, delicious fresh loaves of bread and fresh eggs.  We hope that you’ll join us!


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