Getting Ready for Winter

Standing in the kitchen at 5:00 pm and looking out at evening blackness is not something that I ever get used to.  Waking up an hour earlier has its ups and downs too and I have noticed that a few more hours of sleep help with the “ups’…but then there is the cold to deal with.  While I love being outside early in the morning, I have yet to find the perfect gloves to keep my fingers toasty while we harvest and wash the remaining root crops and cabbages for storage.  The weather forecast tells us that this is the week to get that all finished up; highs only in the 30’s next week and lows too low even for cabbage to stay out.

So far we have been very satisfied with our fall yields of storage crops.  The carrots are large and sweet, and the parsnips are perfection!  We had a great yield on our late-planted potatoes and look forward to sending them out in our winter shares.  The cool weather crops and greens have been incredibly sweet this fall.  They will be in the first winter boxes and we’re looking forward to bringing them to our next farmer’s market at the Center for Women’s Health in Watertown on Sunday, November 18!

Applying steamy compost to late-harvested fields

There is a lot of work to be done this week; we have been bringing in all of our irrigation, planting cover crops and garlic, adding compost to the fields and laying all of the equipment to rest for the winter all while harvesting our root crops and storage crops for the season.  We are also toying with the idea of adding a layer of plastic to our already planted high tunnel.  To do that requires a warm, calm day (Saturday looks promising!) and a crew of nimble-footed volunteers for a few morning hours.  I think that the thermal difference would be well-worth the effort as well as increasing sunlight by reducing the condensation on the plastic.

It is starting to look like rain out there right now so I am off to get done what I can before it arrives.  A rain-snow mix is predicted for today and then a warming trend for a few days.

We still have a few winter produce shares available!  Our 10-week winter share program begins on November 21 and includes a mixture of hearty storage vegetables and fresh greens and herbs!  Check out the description or call/email with any questions!


One thought on “Getting Ready for Winter

  1. Catherine Desmond

    I miss my farmer and my summer produce so much, I get sad each time I am preparing a meal. Remind me how much the winter share is. Catherine


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