Roasted Root Veggie Soup on a Cold Winter’s Eve

2013-01-14 2013-01-14 001 011It was a good night for soup!  With a fire burning and the oven fired up to roast veggies, the house is nice and toasty on this 5° evening.  There was a welcoming fragrance of roasted root soup when we came in from outdoors.2013-01-13 2013-01-13 001 013


With a basket full of roots and a small buttercup squash from last year’s harvest, I made this very satisfying soup for dinner.  The combination of tender Yukon Gold potatoes, orange squash, carrots and red lentils gave the soup a beautiful orange color as well as the wonderful blend of flavors.  The warm Swedish Rye bread that came from dear friend Sheril (a.k.a. the Bread Lady) at the market Saturday and hand-rolled butter that was also purchased at the winter market made a perfect pairing as it turns out! This makes a nice big pot of soup, enough to serve 6-8 people would be my guess.  We have plenty left over; it is nice and filling!  2013-01-14 2013-01-14 001 006
Follow this link for the recipe: Garlicky Roasted Roots and Red Lentil soup


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