An Egg of a Different Color

Chinese Marbled Tea Eggs

Chinese Marbled Tea Eggs

Loving eggs as we do here, I was excited to find this recipe for Chinese Marbled Tea Eggs at the Appetite for China Web site!  I was itching to try making them and I was not disappointed in the least! 

First, you hard-boil the eggs and then cool them.  (Slightly under-boiled is recommended, although mine were pretty much at the hard-boiled and done stage).  And then the fun begins!

*Note: full instructions and even a video can be found here:

Crackle the egg shells evenly with the back of a knife. The shells aren’t broken, just cracked.

2013-02-24 2013-02-25 002 003Put them back into the pot and cover with cold water.  Add ½ cup soy sauce, 1 Tablespoon brown sugar, 1 stick of cinnamon, 5 whole star anise (I didn’t have this so I used anise seed) and 2 black tea bags.

Then you simmer this for 1 -2 HOURS!

The eggs are beautiful and your house will smell amazing.  It smells like someone was baking wonderful cookies.

2013-02-24 2013-02-25 002 010So how were the eggs?  I started these early in the morning and needed to go outside to do chores after about 1 hr. and 10 minutes.  Cooking them longer is said to make them stronger but I don’t think that is a bad thing, the spice is not overpowering at all!  The eggs, as you can see, are fascinating and beautiful!  The flavor is very subtle, slightly sweet and they are surprisingly not over-cooked!

I ate one for breakfast and put the rest in a nice, chubby jar that they fit perfectly into.  I figured they would raise an eyebrow or 2 when my husband opened the refrigerator door and I was right about that; without warning and partly because 2013-02-24 2013-02-25 002 013they are in a clear jar, they look somewhat like a specimen of some sort, but feeling somewhat artistic and proud of making these tie-dye eggs, they are still lovely to gaze upon.  I look forward to lunch tomorrow; mustard greens and marbled eggs.

And my house still smells amazing!

2013-02-25 2013-02-25 002 003


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