So Many Ways to Love a Pumpkin

20131117_122052 - CopyI think that pumpkin may be one of my favorite things ever.  I love the word “pumpkin”, I love how they look, feel and taste, right down to the seeds.  They are also so diverse; you can use them for a meal, a soup, or for deserts and they are perfect for stuffing with their big, hollow middle! We had a bumper crop of these beauties this year; both Sugar Pie pumpkins, with their sugary-looking netting covering the pumpkin, and the Heirloom ‘Long Pie’, a.k.a; ‘Nantucket’ pie pumpkin.  The Long Pie are new for us this year and one that we have been enjoying a lot. Right now, they are stacked like a pile of logs in our squash storage.  They were turning orange when we picked them, but now they are bright, pumpkin orange and they are lovely and flavorful! The slow, steady ripening is one of their attributes and charms.  They are also easier to scoop the seeds out of because they don’t have the same stringy membrane that attaches to the meat of the pumpkin and they are the first choice for many bakers for making delicious pumpkin pies.

20131112_120730On those chilly, rainy days of fall, when the weather keeps me indoors, I love to fill a roasting pan with pumpkins and cook them in the oven.  When they cool a bit, I scoop out the soft flesh, puree and bag the puree in 2 cup portions to be used well beyond pumpkin season for baking, soups and pancakes!

Here are a few of our favorite pumpkin recipes, and there are a few more in the recipe section:


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