Giving Thanks

I have had a few quiet days and time to reflect on the past year.  I have so much to be grateful for; family and pets, friends, good health and loyal farm members and market customers.  Our workers and employees give me extra pause.  We could not manage without them and they are so much a part of our farm.

Even with the snowstorm last weekend, we had a successful market at the farm.  Matt, Kevin, Libby and Maria worked especially hard to get the last of our harvesting done and potatoes and onions bagged while Mike and I scurried to get our pastured chickens into a protected winter home. (Just in the nick of time, too!) Our greenhouse is up and almost ready to start seeds in in January and all of our equipment is safely tucked away for winter.

So, for all of that and so much more, I am very thankful to all of you who are a part of our farm and family.  I hope that you have a wonderful holiday weekend.

Gratefully, Meg


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