Halfway ~ Transitioning Seasons

20160815_235808We are halfway through our CSA season.  The nights and a few days have been cooler and there has been a shift in our surroundings; the birds are flocking and their music has changed.  The plants are reflecting on the efforts that they put forth to accomplish their fruitful goals which I am gratefully stuffing into jars and freezer bags!

20160603_154516For me, reflecting at mid-season, grateful is exactly how I feel.  We have had a bountiful growing season and another year of terrific staff and workers that bring their enthusiasm, creativity, knowledge and passion to the High Meadow Farm family. Our 2 full time workers; Anna and Teal along with Matt have been diligently harvesting thousands of pounds of cucumbers, squash, broccoli, sweet corn, tomatoes, eggplant and so much more.  On days when the full work crew is here with part-time 20160818_171144workers Kevin and Julie, there is more planting, weeding, harvesting and prep work done than I would think possible with that sized crew.

The days that we fill our CSA boxes are our busiest with our worker share members here to help.  There is lots of fun and lots of hustle to make sure all of the crops that we are sending out are harvested, washed, counted and bunched or bagged.  When we fill the boxes, there is an assembly line with each person adding their assigned items into the box and sending it down the line to the vans.  When the vans are loaded by Mark and then Matt or I get the words “your van is ready”, we head out to our delivery sites with some very fresh produce for our members.  Rich and Christine on Tuesday and Lynn, Mark, Aly, Christine (x2!), Melissa, Jerry and Dawn on Wednesday are the amazing workers that we thank for this.

Another shift in the season is the return to school for some as we will sadly say goodbye to Teal, Dawn and Melissa.  This leaves some big farm boots to fill and we would welcome new faces to join our crew if “the shoe fits” you!  As a worker share or as a part time employee; if you are interested in joining us, contact the farm; highmeadowfarmcsa@gmail.com .   There is plenty of harvest and field work to do until our CSA season ends in late October and then our farm crew will continue working through November!


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