Fall/Winter Share Sign-up

It has begun.  The digging for hats, gloves, wind-breakers, dry shoes, closing windows and keeping an eye out for dead, dry, potential firewood. But even before that, many of the crops were starting to come in from the fields to cure. It is time to transition to storage temperatures or dry to the best storage condition so that we can have delicious food for our family, members and farm friends through the long winter ahead.  Spinach, salad and choys are planted.  Turnips, radishes, rutabaga, carrots, cabbage, celeriac, parsnips, kale, and other cool weather crops are waiting for the first frost to make them sweeter just before they are harvested for storage in November, before the first hard freeze.

We will have 3  bi-weekly deliveries of fall produce and storage crops, just in time for the holidays and for those days and weeks of winter filled with fragrant aromas of warm and comforting meals from your kitchen.

Sign-ups for winter shares are OPEN and space is very limited for these shares so don’t delay!  We also have very limited help to prepare these shares and because of that we are limited to only 3 pick-up sites, all in Jefferson County.

We also offer a very limited number of 20 week egg shares to these sites in the winter months. Again, don’t delay if you are interested in signing up for winter shares or eggs!



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