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Open Farm ~ Indoor Market Day November 19, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm!


There is an Open Farm market day coming up Saturday, November 19, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm!  Stock up on produce for the holiday season and beyond.  We are finishing our field harvesting this week before the snow flies and you have the opportunity to enjoy the sweetness of fall greens, roots and other storage vegetables.

Salad mix, spinach, kale, collard greens, arugula, cabbage, brussels sprouts, potatoes, onions, squash, pie pumpkins, carrots, micro-greens, daikon radish, leeks, sweet potatoes, parsnips, kohlrabi, broccoli and fresh eggs are some of the things to look forward to.  Stop in and have a bowl of soup and a cup of coffee!


“Open Farm” Market ~ Saturday, November 21!

Our first winter share date is Wednesday, November 18 and we are looking forward to packing some very beautiful produce into our winter share boxes!  There are still a few shares available and we have egg shares available as well.

We are also holding an Open Farm Day Market at the farm on Saturday, November 21.  We are open to the public from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.  Bring your shopping bags and come to the farm to stock up on varieties of bulk potatoes, onions, cabbages, an assortment of root crops, sweet potatoes, PIE PUMPKINS, leeks, assorted greens, Brussels sprouts, parsnips and much more.  Visit the farm, have some soup and snacks and prepare for the holidays and a winter of comforting local, organic food!

We will also have stewing hens, organic, soy-free eggs and a limited number of roasting chickens available.

The market is indoors, cozy and heated and there will be items from a few other vendors as well.  We look forward to seeing you!  Click the link below for a map to the farm:


Market Days and Open Farm Days

Erin Mitchell at the Fort Farmer's Market

Erin Mitchell at the Fort Farmer’s Market

Our season is officially underway! We have had our first CSA delivery and have been back at the Fort market for a few weeks.  It has been nice to have Erin’s ebullient help in our stand at the market.

Red-leafed, buttery  head lettuce

Red-leafed, buttery head lettuce

Our crops are looking great and as always, we have an abundance of head lettuce and salad mix available at the farm and at the market along with other wonderful spring goodies.

I am sure that we’ll be posting some ‘Open Farm’ days here soon, and today, we are having a short market day from noon – 2:00 pm!  We are open to everyone and we have washed salad mix, arugula, head lettuce, chard, kale, green onions, salad turnips, Tatsoi and fresh eggs available.

20140713_195325Stop out to the farm today to pick up some veggies or eggs or to visit and try some Thai Green Soup!

If you can’t make it out today, you can order with the form below and we will get your order ready for you.  (This form will update on Wednesday evenings or Thursday’s.  No pick ups on Wednesdays at this time.)

Week of June 15, Farm produce order form.

‘Open Farm’ November 15!

Brussels sprouts in the field.

Brussels sprouts in the field.

Come on out to the farm and stock up on winter vegetables for your winter comfort foods!

Saturday, November 15, from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm, we are open to the public and we have lots of great veggies!   Sweet potatoes for the holidays and the best acorn squash that I have ever tasted.  The

Delicious carrots

Delicious carrots

carrots are sweet and crunchy and we also have spaghetti squash, butternut and delicata squash.  White potatoes, blue and yellow potatoes, plus leeks, onions, shallots.

Stock up on the last of the season’s broccoli and romanesco cauliflower  and the cold sweetened Brussels sprouts are definitely a comforting treat.  We have lots of cabbage and kohlrabi, too.

'Delicata' squash

‘Delicata’ squash

Aly Wheeler will be here with some of her beautiful ceramics and we will have some nice, hot coffee and treats.

We hope to see you tomorrow!


Butternut squash

Butternut squash




Fall-sweetened broccoli

Fall-sweetened broccoli

Wrapping up the Season on the Farm

Standard share; week 20

Standard share; week 20

Wednesday morning harvest and afternoon packing crews.

Wednesday morning harvest and afternoon packing crews.

This was the final week of our summer CSA season.  It feels very strange not to be thinking about next week’s box and what needs to be done before that.  It also feels sad to think that all of our dedicated worker-shares are done for the season, too.  Next week, the farm will be quiet. Ugh.  We are going to miss everyone and we are eternally thankful to all of our members and workers for making another great season possible!

We have a new deadline for harvest now; the hard freeze.  We’ve had some frosty mornings, but nothing that a head of cabbage can’t stand…yet.  Last year, we still had some cabbage in the fields when the temps dipped to the teens and the cabbage looked like it was frozen beyond return.  A few upper 30 degree days were all it took to be restored.  What an amazing plant family those brassica’s are!  Last year, Matt and Casey were washing carrots outside when it was in the 30’s.  This year, we have a root tumbler to help with that. We also have a lot more carrots to wash!

Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, carrots, Romanesca, leeks and late potatoes are the big crops that we have left to harvest.  Most of that will occur in November after the storage areas have cooled down more.  After the fields are cleaned up and after the garlic is planted.  We will have all of these staples throughout the winter and available for anyone to stock up on.  Most of the greens that we have planted in the high tunnel and some of the less prolific cold-weather crops will be used for winter shares, but we may have some of those available from time to time, too.

Brussels sprouts in the field.

Brussels sprouts in the field.

If you would like us to send you an email when our winter farm market is “open” just sign up here:

Winter Produce 2014-2015

or email and ask to be added to the mailing list.

Thank you to all of our CSA members, farmers market friends and farm customers who have helped us to have a great season of produce!

2013 Produce Shares Still Available! EGG SHARES SOLD OUT (And a Farm Update!)

Lots of veggies, sinking their roots into rich soil!

Lots of veggies, sinking their roots into rich soil!

Rain…sunshine…it’s all good!  The weatherman says possible frost warnings for tonight and that may not be so good, but we don’t have our tomatoes and tender plants planted outdoors just yet.We just sent out the last spring share delivery yesterday and we hope that they have satisfied everyone’s veggie cravings for a while!  It was really fun packing the spring boxes with gorgeous greens from the high tunnel each week.  It was also nice to have yummy salad and cooking greens to eat every day!Summer shares will begin mid-June.  We still have summer veggie shares available and bread shares are available, however, EGG SHARES are SOLD OUT!  Sorry about that, but there is a good chance that we will still have eggs available for individual sales through the season.  Please keep in mind that we also offer winter egg shares from November –April!In other farm news:  We have added an Oconomowoc delivery site  in addition to Jefferson, Lake Mills, Fort Atkinson, 3 locations in Watertown and the farm

It is so nice to see how green everything has become, our veggie plants are all doing well in the fields and the chickens are happy to be back out on lush grass!  Our bossy, “seasoned” layers that are now 15 months old are still laying eggs like pro’s and our sweet,  young pullets are just starting to lay eggs.  They are laying good-sized eggs, too!  Not many of them are the small pullet eggs that we usually get, but we will have pullet eggs available for those who like them for a short while.  (The pullet eggs are usually much smaller than the mature hen’s eggs are, but only for a few weeks!)

After the weather finally improved and the snow melted this spring, the work on our new barn finally started progressing.  Our old barn has been converted to our cooler, washing and packing area and the animals have been uprooted and are in need of a new location away from our work space! The new barn has access to nice pasture and it is nestled into a protected spot.

We have also added to our fruit orchard this year!  Mother’s day here turned out to be a great day for friends and farm members to come and help us add 100 red currant bushes,  25 Juneberries and more apple and pear trees to the orchard!  And everyone who helped did so willingly for a simple scrambled egg breakfast!  (The work crew had pie, though.)  This past weekend, we planted 10 more large cherry trees and more rhubarb plants and now we are done with the big trees for this year.  We are looking forward to adding fruit to our member’s boxes soon!  It is too early to tell if there will be much this year yet, but we are hoping.   The rhubarb and raspberries that we planted last year will be surely ready for shares next year.

If you missed the planting day and are feeling left out we do still have about 50 hazelnut’s that need to be planted (very small ones) and there are also some small oak trees to plant.  We have a few more white pines and Frasier fir’s that we need for now and would be happy to give them away to a good home!

1 of 4 spring share deliveries

1 of 4 spring share deliveries

3 of 4 spring share deliveries

3 of 4 spring share deliveries

An awesome and eager planting crew planting 100 current bushes on Mother's Day!

An awesome and eager planting crew planting 100 currant bushes on Mother’s Day!

They are setting the rafters on the barn; just before they were rained out by a 1.75" deluge.

They are setting the rafters on the barn; just before they were rained out by a 1.75″ deluge.

Finishing up with the cherry treen planting.  Blooming here is a semi-dwarf Golden Delicious apple tree!

Finishing up with the cherry tree planting. Blooming here is a semi-dwarf Golden Delicious apple tree!

Getting Ready for ‘Bike the Barns’ (and the rest of a busy weekend!)

This weekend, High Meadow Farm will be the first rest stop on the big ‘Bike the Barns’ Bike ride – the biggest fundraiser that MACSAC puts on for the year.  They say that there is nothing that we really need to do except give tours to the bikers if they are interested.  Then these porta-potties seemed to appear out of nowhere.   We are told that more equipment will be arriving tomorrow afternoon, and Sunday, the 550 or so pastries from Graze restaurant in Madison will be here very early in the morning, ready for the riders when they arrive.  Needless to say, we are getting very excited and not doing much about it.  (Not just excited about the pastries, either.)

Yesterday, we harvested what to my back feels like 16 tons of squash and covered plants again for the second night of frost.  Our frost damage wasn’t too bad.  The green beans appear to be toast, but the rest was either covered or survived.  Our work load seems to have drastically dropped as far as weed control goes.  The weed seeds seem far less interested in germinating if at all and the bugs seem to just brace from the cold under a leaf or something, coming back out when the temps rise. They are eating like they are preparing for a long winter, too.

Today, I prepared for the Fort Atkinson Farmers Market where we will be tomorrow with bowls of delicious watermelon and more.  Tomorrow evening is Lake Mill’s big Main Street event; Paint the Town!”  If you stop in at Bungalow Jo’s after 6:00, you will hear Los Zombies playing in the store!

Sunday is of course the big biking event-500 + bikers passing through between 9:30 am and 11:30 am, then we finish the weekend with Gemuetlichkeit Days in Jefferson, and another exciting Zombies showing at the Brickhaus Cafe.  For more details on the Zombies, click this link: Los Zombies  and visit the “Entertainment” tab on the blog.

Moon rise over the chicken tractors

Subie; our hard-working farm vehicle, being filled with watermelons.