2 thoughts on “Eggs

  1. Bruce Reynolds

    I tried the Egg Kurma recipe this evening, and it was quite good. I will be making it again. But I believe the recipe you have posted contains an error. Your instruction number 2 says to blend the ginger, garlic, etc., with 2 cups of water. The remaining instructions indicate that this is supposed to be a typical Indian recipe, in which spices and often spice-onion-etc. pastes are fried to start a dish. Two cups of water makes a soup, not a paste. I think you meant 2 tablespoons of water (which would work in the normal way I’ve seen Indian dishes start).

    1. Meg Post author

      Hi Bruce,
      You were correct; the recipe should have been 2 Tbsp. for the paste part! I have made the correction now. I am glad that you liked the recipe. We love it too. It is a great appetizer or a meal and although it makes a LOT of gravy for the amount of eggs, we never have a problem using any leftover sauce up. You can enjoy it with naan and we also love pouring it over a roasting chicken before cooking for a fabulous chicken curry meal!
      Thank you for your note!


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