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Fall/Winter Share Sign-up

It has begun.  The digging for hats, gloves, wind-breakers, dry shoes, closing windows and keeping an eye out for dead, dry, potential firewood. But even before that, many of the crops were starting to come in from the fields to cure. It is time to transition to storage temperatures or dry to the best storage condition so that we can have delicious food for our family, members and farm friends through the long winter ahead.  Spinach, salad and choys are planted.  Turnips, radishes, rutabaga, carrots, cabbage, celeriac, parsnips, kale, and other cool weather crops are waiting for the first frost to make them sweeter just before they are harvested for storage in November, before the first hard freeze.

We will have 3  bi-weekly deliveries of fall produce and storage crops, just in time for the holidays and for those days and weeks of winter filled with fragrant aromas of warm and comforting meals from your kitchen.

Sign-ups for winter shares are OPEN and space is very limited for these shares so don’t delay!  We also have very limited help to prepare these shares and because of that we are limited to only 3 pick-up sites, all in Jefferson County.

We also offer a very limited number of 20 week egg shares to these sites in the winter months. Again, don’t delay if you are interested in signing up for winter shares or eggs!



Halfway ~ Transitioning Seasons

20160815_235808We are halfway through our CSA season.  The nights and a few days have been cooler and there has been a shift in our surroundings; the birds are flocking and their music has changed.  The plants are reflecting on the efforts that they put forth to accomplish their fruitful goals which I am gratefully stuffing into jars and freezer bags!

20160603_154516For me, reflecting at mid-season, grateful is exactly how I feel.  We have had a bountiful growing season and another year of terrific staff and workers that bring their enthusiasm, creativity, knowledge and passion to the High Meadow Farm family. Our 2 full time workers; Anna and Teal along with Matt have been diligently harvesting thousands of pounds of cucumbers, squash, broccoli, sweet corn, tomatoes, eggplant and so much more.  On days when the full work crew is here with part-time 20160818_171144workers Kevin and Julie, there is more planting, weeding, harvesting and prep work done than I would think possible with that sized crew.

The days that we fill our CSA boxes are our busiest with our worker share members here to help.  There is lots of fun and lots of hustle to make sure all of the crops that we are sending out are harvested, washed, counted and bunched or bagged.  When we fill the boxes, there is an assembly line with each person adding their assigned items into the box and sending it down the line to the vans.  When the vans are loaded by Mark and then Matt or I get the words “your van is ready”, we head out to our delivery sites with some very fresh produce for our members.  Rich and Christine on Tuesday and Lynn, Mark, Aly, Christine (x2!), Melissa, Jerry and Dawn on Wednesday are the amazing workers that we thank for this.

Another shift in the season is the return to school for some as we will sadly say goodbye to Teal, Dawn and Melissa.  This leaves some big farm boots to fill and we would welcome new faces to join our crew if “the shoe fits” you!  As a worker share or as a part time employee; if you are interested in joining us, contact the farm; highmeadowfarmcsa@gmail.com .   There is plenty of harvest and field work to do until our CSA season ends in late October and then our farm crew will continue working through November!

CSA Deliveries will be Starting Soon!

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We are very excited that our deliveries will be starting on June 15!   There are some beautiful vegetables coming for our early shares and all through the summer and fall!  Our early tomato plants are loading up with fruit, the lettuce is heading up, raspberry plants are loaded with fruit and we have already started harvesting broccoli for market.

Don’t miss out on any of the season’s bounty!  We still have room for new members to pick up at all of these sites:

High Meadow Farm, Watertown (2 locations), Lake Mills, Jefferson, Fort Atkinson, CAMBRIDGE (New site!!), Oconomowoc (2 locations) and Madison’s East Side!  

We also have work-share memberships available, see this page and call the farm for more information.

If you are a member and had signed up before June, you should have received your first email and can look forward to more soon.

If you are ready to sign up now CLICK HERE and join us before the season starts!!


Bringing Salad to the Table?


Our Easter Sale is over, but there could be more chances to get tasty greens and produce!  Sign up for our email list to hear about them HERE and visit us at the Fort Atkinson Farmers Market April 9 and starting in May,  every Saturday morning from 8 – noon!

We always have fresh, organic, soy-free eggs at the farm from our free-range, pastured chickens!

Call or email highmeadowfarmcsa@gmail.com for more information!

2 New CSA Pick-up Sites!

We are very happy to offer 2 new pickup sites for Madison and Whitewater members!  Casual Joe's

In addition to our other convenient sites, members can select the Whitewater site of Casual Joe’s Barbecue Restaurant  or our new site on Madison’s East side, located on Hargrove Street; just behind Olbrich Gardens.

Like Black Sheep in Whitewater, nearby Casual Joe’s is another fabulous restaurant with a completely different atmosphere and menu. Both are owned by the same great chef; Tyler Sailsbery, a dedicated supporter of High Meadow Farm produce and other area producers.

We thank Tyler and our Madison host for offering our members this opportunity for convenient pickup!

CSA Sign-ups are Open!

Warm weather is on its way and we have begun our seeding for 2016!  Baby leeks are up and spring share crops are on their way!  Early spring shares will bring lots of salad greens, cooking greens, spinach, green onions, spring herbs, rhubarb and asparagus!  A few weeks after our spring shares end, our summer shares will start in June and the boxes will be filled with all of the vegetables of the spring, summer and fall season, right into October. Optional organic, soy-free egg shares will begin with the summer vegetable shares too!

We invite you to join us this season for another great year of FRESH, ORGANIC produce delivered to a location near you! To Join, go to our “sign-up” page.

Membership Sign-ups are Open!

20140713_195325It may be cold and snowy outside now, but the seed ordering has got us thinking about spring!  Join us for another great CSA season in 2016.  You and your family deserve to eat fresh, clean and delicious organic produce and eggs. When you know who your farmers are, you don’t need to wonder what you are eating!