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Happy Chickens


They have had a good life at our farm and now they are are ready to become top quality, pastured, organic and soy-free chickens for the table.

We raise meat birds for market in the fall and because of popular demand, we raised a few more than we usually do this year! Due to spending their days outdoors eating grass, bugs and soy-free feed, they remain healthy and happy.  As a result, their meat is tender and delicate and high in the nutrients and benefits that prevail in pasture-raised meat and eggs.

Our birds are processed humanely, by us, and at our farm.  They are available October 16 – 24, fresh OR frozen, after that they will be available frozen only until they are sold out.

Visit our Chicken Page for more information.

Email or call to reserve: highmeadowfarmcsa@gmail.com.  920-699-3658.