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Fall/Winter Share Sign-up

It has begun.  The digging for hats, gloves, wind-breakers, dry shoes, closing windows and keeping an eye out for dead, dry, potential firewood. But even before that, many of the crops were starting to come in from the fields to cure. It is time to transition to storage temperatures or dry to the best storage condition so that we can have delicious food for our family, members and farm friends through the long winter ahead.  Spinach, salad and choys are planted.  Turnips, radishes, rutabaga, carrots, cabbage, celeriac, parsnips, kale, and other cool weather crops are waiting for the first frost to make them sweeter just before they are harvested for storage in November, before the first hard freeze.

We will have 3  bi-weekly deliveries of fall produce and storage crops, just in time for the holidays and for those days and weeks of winter filled with fragrant aromas of warm and comforting meals from your kitchen.

Sign-ups for winter shares are OPEN and space is very limited for these shares so don’t delay!  We also have very limited help to prepare these shares and because of that we are limited to only 3 pick-up sites, all in Jefferson County.

We also offer a very limited number of 20 week egg shares to these sites in the winter months. Again, don’t delay if you are interested in signing up for winter shares or eggs!



Garden Gleanings and Open Farm Days

Days like these have me missing the harvesting for the farmers market, but then I know there will soon be more days like last Saturday’s market; low 40’s and pouring rain!  That’s not so much fun anymore!

None the less, there are crops in the field that are continuing to grow and produce beautifully.  We have already harvested and put into cold storage most of our crops for winter.  There are still some tasty vegetables in the field that we’ll harvest for the early winter storage share boxes and for our Open Farm Market and we also offer some select produce for sale now from the fields while the weather holds.

With the extended warmth of this extraordinary fall, I have been enjoying the continued season of gleaning produce that remains in the field, even though I know that an El Nino season isn’t without consequence.  We have had a few light frosts, but no hard freezes yet and that is very unusual for this time of year.  The frosts have made some of the hardier greens that remain in the fields sweet and tasty and we continue to harvest them until the extreme cold arrives.  I know that we will be relying on our storage crops soon enough but for now, with a little more time to cook we’ve been gleaning the fields and loving it all.

With a little more time on my hands I have been playing with leafy “blends” and there have been some interesting creations.  I wince each time I say “pesto” (sans basil) so perhaps “pâté would be more appropriate.  My favorite so far is Kale and Fennel Leaf.  You may find that blend surprising, but then so did we! The Fennel leaf brought an unexpected sweet balance to the kale and it was very good. Spinach and cilantro was also a hit although the Arugula/cilantro mixture was…so-so.  I’m still working on that.

Sweet Onion and Savoy Cabbage Casserole

Sweet Onion and Savoy Cabbage Casserole

We’ve also been on a bit of a sweet onion binge.  (So sweet they have Halloween candy beat!) The large, sweet beauties don’t store as well through the winter months as the storage varieties do but they sure do caramelize and cook down for some delicious onion soups, onion tarts and baked onion dishes. They were also a perfect pairing with Savoy Cabbage in a Sweet Onion and Savoy Cabbage Casserole last night.

Our first Winter Market at the farm is coming up on Saturday, November 21. From 10:00 – 2:00 pm. There will be lots of certified organic produce, eggs and more.

Available from the farm NOW are some varieties of potatoes, onions; red, yellow, white or sweet (get them while they last) and anything that we can easily harvest from the fields for you: beautiful broccoli, kale, collards, cabbage, celery root and Daikon radish and leeks. Just call ahead to set up a time and stop out: 920-988-5023.

For the “cream of the crop”, mark your calendars for Nov. 21 or sign up for a winter share to be sure that you get the crops that we have reserved just for them!

Wrapping up the Season on the Farm

Standard share; week 20

Standard share; week 20

Wednesday morning harvest and afternoon packing crews.

Wednesday morning harvest and afternoon packing crews.

This was the final week of our summer CSA season.  It feels very strange not to be thinking about next week’s box and what needs to be done before that.  It also feels sad to think that all of our dedicated worker-shares are done for the season, too.  Next week, the farm will be quiet. Ugh.  We are going to miss everyone and we are eternally thankful to all of our members and workers for making another great season possible!

We have a new deadline for harvest now; the hard freeze.  We’ve had some frosty mornings, but nothing that a head of cabbage can’t stand…yet.  Last year, we still had some cabbage in the fields when the temps dipped to the teens and the cabbage looked like it was frozen beyond return.  A few upper 30 degree days were all it took to be restored.  What an amazing plant family those brassica’s are!  Last year, Matt and Casey were washing carrots outside when it was in the 30’s.  This year, we have a root tumbler to help with that. We also have a lot more carrots to wash!

Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, carrots, Romanesca, leeks and late potatoes are the big crops that we have left to harvest.  Most of that will occur in November after the storage areas have cooled down more.  After the fields are cleaned up and after the garlic is planted.  We will have all of these staples throughout the winter and available for anyone to stock up on.  Most of the greens that we have planted in the high tunnel and some of the less prolific cold-weather crops will be used for winter shares, but we may have some of those available from time to time, too.

Brussels sprouts in the field.

Brussels sprouts in the field.

If you would like us to send you an email when our winter farm market is “open” just sign up here:

Winter Produce 2014-2015

or email highmeadowfarmcsa@gmail.com and ask to be added to the mailing list.

Thank you to all of our CSA members, farmers market friends and farm customers who have helped us to have a great season of produce!

Winter Shares at High Meadow Farm

It may be warm out now, but soon the wind and snow will be blowing and we will be back to daydreaming over seed catalogs while we are remembering and thankful for last summer’s bountiful garden. With the late season crops, those that hold well and become even more flavorful in storage and cold-hardy greens that are planted in our tunnels, we are able to continue to enjoy our garden’s bounty year-round and we are very grateful for that.

We hope that you will join us for another season of beautiful fresh greens and stored crops that were grown on the farm this year by our family, employees and farm friends that have worked hard to put these crops up for the winter.

Click here for more information.

Here are some examples of past winter share boxes:

I can almost see it!

It was a great day to get started on the hoop house. Mike, Matt and Casey set 52 ground posts today and we’ll be ready to begin assembly on Saturday!
While they were working on that, I bagged beautiful yellow storage onions and put them where they will be safely stored until they find good homes. If you need onions, check the “farm market” page for more information. We also have pumpkins available for decoration or eating.
Winter storage shares and Extended shares will have the first pick-up next week. If you have signed up for these, more information will be sent to you soon.
Water House Foods is also offering extended bread shares! If you would like to sample some of their wonderful baked goods just let me know! Pick-up will be at the farm and the cost is $12.00 for 2 bread deliveries. You do not have to purchase a vegetable share to enjoy a 2 week bread share.

Golden storage onions

Transitioning to Winter Shares

It’s always a bittersweet week; saying goodbye to everyone. We had a great and dedicated work-force this year and it was our pleasure to have workers return and new workers become part of the farm crew. We also enjoyed meeting everyone that stopped out to meet us and came to the farm events. You helped make it a great year and an inspiration for next year’s planning!
Even though there is a chill in the air and the regular season is over, there are still plenty of fantastic veggies to harvest! Our Extended Season shares are nearly sold out, but there are a few Winter Storage shares still available. See the descriptions in the “Join Us!” tab and contact us via email or phone.

Saturday’s crew cleaning up the tomato field


Getting ready to plant garlic


Cleaning onions and Celeriac


Spreading wonderful steaming, hot compost on the fields


Olivia, the hill-cat, enjoying a nice fall day